All Set Player Me Looking to Expand After Raising $13M.


The newly released 3D avatar platform Ready Player Me seeks to dive into the digital asset environment with large investments from partners.

With funding led by a venture capital firm Taavet+Sten, and backed by companies like Samsung Next, Gmoney, Konvoy Ventures, and even the co-founder of GitHub – Tom Preston-Werner, Ready Player Me managed to rake in a hefty investment of $13M into their metaverse project. 

The idea behind Ready Player Me is pretty simple – it will allow users to create personal 3D avatars that they can use across different metaverses. It can actually be put in contrast with Meta, also known as Facebook, which essentially aims to monopolize the metaverse so it can only be used on a single platform.

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However, Ready Player Me won’t restrict users and their avatars, but rather encourage them to travel across multiple metaverses.

Likewise, this metaverse project will up its team size from 30 to 70, and support developers via avatars “through in-game asset sales and NFT’s.” In fact, the marketing manager of RPM Daniel Marcinkowski stated that the end goal of this project is to “build the best avatar system for developers across the metaverse.”

The Ready Play Me multi-platform digital asset utilization via 3D avatars is already being used by large tech companies like Verizon. Also, partnerships were made with large brands such as New Balance, Dior, etc. so players (or their avatars) will be able to wear branded clothes in the metaverse, or sell them as digital assets.

Dom Z. - Crypto Analyst

by Dom Z. – Crypto Analyst, BitDegree

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