‘World War III Has Begun,’ Says Gerald Celente; Plus, Long-Term BTC Predictions and Scorching US Inflation — Bitcoin.com News Week in Review


Trend forecaster Gerald Celente informed Bitcoin.com News that & #x 201C; World War III has actually begun, & #x 201D; weighing in on Covid-19, crypto, the Great Reset, and gold in an exclusive interview. Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, talked long-term BTC investing, as scorching inflation in the U.S. continues to plague Americans, though Biden & #x 2019; s White House states the most recent numbers are & #x 201C; out-of-date. & #x 201D; All this and more in your bite-sized digest of this week & #x 2019; s most popular stories from Bitcoin.com News.

Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Says World War 3 Has Begun & #x 2014; & #x 2018; If individuals Don & #x 2019; t Unite for Peace, We Are Finished & #x 2019;
Today Bitcoin.com News spoke with Gerald Celente, the popular patterns forecaster, and publisher of the Trends Journal. During a telephone discussion, Celente went over the unpredictability surrounding the worldwide economy after federal governments around the world locked down the world & #x 2019; s residents over the Covid-19 pandemic, closed down companies and injected trillions into the economy.
The discussion discuss gold, bitcoin, the pandemic, the Ukraine-Russia war, and the Federal Reserve. The trends forecaster believes that World War III has currently begun, and if individuals do not put together to strengthen peace in this world, then we individuals are doomed. Celente worried that if people desire genuine change, they can not count on hope as they need to take a stand to make it happen themselves.
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& #x 2018; Wolf of Wall Street & #x 2019; Jordan Belfort Says He & #x 2019;d Be Shocked if You Didn & #x 2019; t Make Money Investing in Bitcoin Long Term
Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, says if you take a three, 4, or five-year horizon, he would be shocked if you didn & #x 2019; t make cash buying bitcoin because the underlying basics are really strong.
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Kevin O & #x 2019; Leary Warns Major Crypto Panic Event Is Coming & #x 2014; & #x 2018; I Don & #x 2019; t Believe We & #x 2019; ve Seen the Bottom Yet & #x 2019;
Shark Tank star Kevin O & #x 2019; Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, has alerted of an impending & #x 201C; huge panic event & #x 201D; in the crypto space. & #x 201C; I wear & #x 2019; t think we & #x 2019; ve seen the bottom yet and I have a various view of it, & #x 201D; he said.
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United States Inflation Remains Scorching Hot, Jumping to 9.1% in June & #x 2014; White House Says CPI Data Is Already & #x 2018; Out-of-Date & #x 2019;
According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, U.S. inflation stays scorching hot as it has actually increased at the fastest annual rate given that 1981. June & #x 2019; s CPI information showed a 9.1% year-over-year boost, even though a variety of bureaucrats and economists thought May & #x 2019; s CPI data would be the record peak.
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