Chainlink Partners with Coinbase Cloud to Boost Network’s Security

Coinbase Cloud is set to become Chainlink’s node operator.

Coinbase Cloud, renowned for its expansive infrastructure and adeptness in managing blockchain data, is gearing up to bolster the security and reliability of Chainlink’s blockchain oracle network.

The company is set to step into the shoes of Chainlink’s new node operator, marking a step forward in the decentralization and durability of the fast-progressing Web3 ecosystem.

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The robust and reliable infrastructure of Coinbase Cloud is already servicing several leading blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, and Aptos included.

As a node operator in the Chainlink network, it will play an integral role, forming vital connections between smart contracts on different blockchains and their respective data and systems.

One of Chainlink’s standout features is its capacity to link Web2 with Web3, sourcing, organizing, and transmitting crucial data to smart contracts.

Kai Zhao, the group product manager at Coinbase Cloud, highlighted the importance of nodes in a growing crypto ecosystem.

By building decentralized Oracles, we are helping to create a more decentralized and trustworthy future for blockchain technology. We believe on-chain is the next online, and we look forward to working with Chainlink to further this future.

Echoing these sentiments, William Reilly, Chainlink Labs’ global head of centralized finance, sales, and strategy, expressed confidence in the new node operator, anticipating its beneficial contributions to the Oracle network.

Their <Coinbase Cloud> involvement will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of decentralized applications, further propelling the blockchain industry to new heights.

Coinbase Cloud’s tie-up with the Chainlink network is a beacon of the promising advancements in smart contract operations’ security and dependability in the digital realm.

In other news, Coinbase has recently unveiled the launch of its subscription service, called “Coinbase One.”