Crypto Exchange Coinbase Unveils Subscription Service “Coinbase One”

Coinbase is exploring new horizons with the upcoming launch of Coinbase One.

Coinbase, an American publicly traded company operating as a cryptocurrency exchange, is gearing up to introduce its subscription service, dubbed “Coinbase One.”

According to the announcement shared on May 18th, the service will be available to customers in 35 countries. However, initially, Coinbase One will be available to customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland.

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In its announcement, Coinbase claimed that the new services would offer a variety of features, including zero-fee trading, enhanced staking rewards, and exclusive perks facilitated by collaborations with companies like Messari and CoinTracker.

Based on Coinbase’s announcement, members of the new subscription service will have access to a dedicated support team 24/7. Therefore, if any technical account issues arise, subscribers can contact support via phone and receive timely assistance.

American service members can also look forward to a smoother tax filing experience. Coinbase One will provide them with a pre-filled tax Form 8949, which will help streamline the process of declaring their crypto taxes by automatically sorting their transactions.

It is worth noting that the full suite of offerings comes at a monthly subscription rate of $29.99.

Following the rising regulatory hurdles it faces back home in the United States, the firm introduced Coinbase International Exchange. The new institutional platform has been specifically crafted for crypto derivatives trading.

However, despite the company’s international ambitions, CEO Brian Armstrong has firmly reassured users of his unwavering commitment to the US market.

Coinbase is broadening its horizons with the impending launch of Coinbase One, a subscription service that promises a handful of features, including zero-fee trading, exclusive benefits, and round-the-clock support.