During Divorce, Forensic Accountant Discovers Husband’s Hidden Bitcoin Treasure

Upon the discovery, the husband was obligated to share a portion of his BTC investments with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

A divorce case in New York recently took a surprising turn when a forensic accountant uncovered a hidden Bitcoin (BTC) treasure that the husband had been hiding from his wife.

The unprecedented event was revealed by the news portal CNBC on May 20th.

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Over their 10-year marriage, the wife began to suspect that her husband was not entirely forthcoming about the extent of his assets, which were to be divided during their divorce.

Despite her husband earning an impressive $3 million annually, the wife noticed discrepancies in the assets he declared, prompting her to take additional measures.

As a result, she decided to hire a forensic accountant who discovered her husband’s undeclared digital asset collection of 12 Bitcoin (BTC) worth approximately $500,000. The assets have been tucked away in a secret crypto wallet.

In an interview with CNBC, the wife expressed her surprise at the discovery, admitting that the existence of the Bitcoin investment had never occurred to her.

It was never even a thought in my mind because it’s not like we were discussing it or making investments together. It was definitely a shock.

Upon the discovery, the husband is now legally obliged to share a portion of his undisclosed Bitcoin holdings.

This intriguing discovery underscores the fact that transparency is paramount, even in the complex realm of cryptocurrencies, and that attempts to conceal assets can ultimately be unearthed, thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain technology.