Coinbase Launches National Crypto Campaign “Moving America Forward”

Coinbase continues to search for ways to boost crypto adoption in the United States.

The United States-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, has announced the launch of a nationwide ad campaign titled “Moving America Forward.”

According to the announcement shared on May 22nd, Coinbase claims that its ambitious campaign is structured around four distinctive advertisements featuring CEO Brian Armstrong.

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Spanning over four weeks, the campaign comprises four ads: The History of Money Initiative, Stand With Crypto Day, Real People Using Crypto for Real Needs, and The State of Crypto Summit.

The campaign is set to air during widely-watched Sunday television shows and NBA Finals series ad breaks.

In the announcement, the crypto exchange highlighted that the ad campaign is designed to showcase cryptocurrency’s pivotal role in transforming the global financial system.

Coinbase is launching Crypto: Moving America Forward, a national campaign to explain crypto’s critical role as an underlying technology that will update the global financial system.

The campaign will highlight the adoption and potential of crypto and blockchain technology in countries like China.

By doing so, Coinbase aims to underline the imminent risk to the US’s global economic leadership and national security if the country falls behind in shaping the technology central to future global financial infrastructure.

This strategic push follows a series of Coinbase campaigns emphasizing the modernization of financial technology via cryptocurrency. The crypto exchange had previously released a YouTube ad in March titled “It’s Time to Update the Financial System.”

On May 9th, another crypto exchange OKX released its own ad campaign, “Rewrite the System,” seemingly taking a swipe at a rival crypto exchange.

Coinbase’s “Moving America Forward” campaign marks a significant stride in its ongoing efforts to demystify and promote the potential of cryptocurrencies in transforming global finance.