Federal Bureau of Investigation Cautions Against Fraudulent Crypto Job Offers

FBI alerts citizens about the fake job offerings that could lead to labor trafficking. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, raises the alarm on new fraudulent job postings related to cryptocurrency.
The fraudulent job offers are reportedly linked to labor trafficking, with the victims being forced into international cryptocurrency investment schemes.
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The FBI’s recent warning, dated May 22nd, accentuates the caution that both US residents and those traveling or living abroad should exert caution when encountering cryptocurrency-related job ads.
The warning stated that in some cases, victims were “held against their will, intimidated, and forced to commit international cryptocurrency investment fraud schemes.”
This deceitful act is not limited to any geographical region, though it has been particularly prominent in Asia. The fake job ads encompass an array of roles, such as call center customer service and tech support. Alarmingly, once the job seekers reach the foreign country as directed, they are then manipulated into executing cryptocurrency investment scams. The FBI is encouraging victims of these schemes to step forward and file their reports via an online portal.
On a similar note, the FBI has been active in multiple cases concerning cryptocurrency scams and other related incidents in the past years.
On May 1st, the Detroit Field Office of the FBI collaborated with the National Police of Ukraine to conduct an authorized raid. The operation resulted in the seizure and shutdown of nine virtual currency exchange service domains that allegedly supported cybercriminal activities.
In light of these growing concerns and scams, it is imperative for individuals, particularly those in the cryptocurrency sphere, to exercise extreme caution. Always remember, if an opportunity appears too good to be true, it probably is.