Dash Blockchain Experiences Hours-Long Stall as Hard Fork Falters

The Dash blockchain’s recent hard fork failure has created a temporary roadblock for the popular privacy coin.

In an unexpected turn of events, the Dash blockchain encountered a significant setback as the activation of its highly anticipated Dash Core v19 hard fork came to a halt, leaving cryptocurrency enthusiasts on edge.

The Chief Technical Officer of Dash, Samuel Westrich, took to Twitter on the morning of May 21st to announce the unfortunate incident.

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During the period when the Dash network experienced downtime, developers issued a cautionary statement, emphasizing that blocks and transactions without ChainLocks and InstantSend locks should not be regarded as having definitive finality.

These two security features, unique to Dash, play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and immutability of the blockchain.

The original purpose of the v19 update, initially announced on April 10th, aimed to bolster security measures by implementing BLS signatures. Additionally, the update sought to introduce a high-performance masternode implementation and wallet improvements in preparation for the forthcoming release of Dash Platform to the mainnet.

The development team swiftly responded with a fix, releasing the v19.1.0 update approximately 13 hours later.

According to the details provided in the v19.1.0 release, the upcoming upgrade is expected to resolve bugs encountered during the previous attempt. However, the release of v19.0.0 has been postponed until June 14th. In the announcement, the developers noted:

This release should resolve the chain stall once a sufficient number of masternodes and miners have upgraded. Please be aware of the known issues listed in the release announcement. A reindex may be needed.

Shortly after the issue, Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, temporarily suspended the distribution of Dash mining rewards to mitigate potential issues stemming from the blockchain’s temporary inaccessibility.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and Dash stakeholders eagerly await the upcoming upgrade scheduled for June 14th, which is expected to bring enhanced security and improved functionality to the network. As the Dash community continues to navigate this challenging period, the future resilience and success of the blockchain remain paramount.