Coinbase’s Base Publishes a Step-by-Step Guide to Its Mainnet Launch

The Base’s team has completed two out of its five criteria to roll out the Base mainnet.

Coinbase’s Base network, a Layer-2 Ethereum network, in their recent blog post titled “Path to Mainnet,” has provided insight into its roadmap toward the mainnet launch.

According to the Base team’s announcement, their journey towards the mainnet launch is on track. The developers stated that the firm established five criteria that need to be achieved before launching a mainnet.

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Of these, the initial two – successfully executing the Regolith hard fork to boost security-related changes to deposits and passing an infrastructure review with the OP Labs team have been completed.

The team further detailed the next stage: upgrading the network to Bedrock. The third stage is set to introduce lower fees, reduced deposit times, and apply numerous other modifications. The team behind Base has yet to disclose its specific upgrade timeline.

The last two milestones are the “successful completion of internal and external audits without any critical severity issues” and the “demonstration of testnet stability.”

When asked about the possible launch dates for these upgrades, the representative for Base stated:

Base will publish the milestones it will hit as it moves closer to its mainnet launch.

Launched on February 23rd, Coinbase’s Base network testnet is planned as a Layer-2 of Ethereum, leveraging Optimistic Rollup technology to enhance scalability and diminish transaction fees. Base is exclusively connected to Ethereum’s Goerli testnet and not the mainnet, where the majority of users hold their assets.

Since Base’s testnet introduction, there’s been considerable anticipation about the types of applications to be developed on it. In March, the Base team prompted developers to design a “flatcoin,” or an inflation-pegged stablecoin applied in Base’s decentralized finance apps alongside an on-chain reputation system.

As Coinbase’s Base network steps closer to its mainnet launch, the roadmap provides a clearer view of the process and the milestones to be achieved.